European Union

In partnership with the European Union, we were able to produce nine television programs on gender issues as well as six programs on "Good Governance". Besides that we were able to organise several trainings in audiovisual and editorial principles: camera, editing and journalism.

European Union

Partners of Tele-Vie-Deo

Financial donations by friends in the Netherlands and Belgium, have made it possible to produce the different TV-programs and to purchase the video-equipment: the cameras, lights, sound and editing equipment.

The V.E.G. church of Nieuwegein, in the Netherlands has contributed many times in the financing of the infrastructure. In 1999 it participated with a big contribution in the doubling-action of the organisation "De Wilde Ganzen". Together with friends of the family Van Ingen, they contributed in the acquisition of the above mentioned mobile studio composed of three digital camera's, sound and light equipment and a Beta-SP recorder.

The organisation NCDO, a department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributed by doubling the amount raised during this time.

The organisation "De Wilde Ganzen" has honoured this effort with a gift for the mobile studio and is to triple all gifts towards the construction of the training and studio facilities.

EO-Metterdaad financed the TOYOTA 4x4 reporter car.

In 2001 the organisation ICCO-Holland financed the production of the six youth-programs on Aids prevention and care as well as the production of six "Çà, c'est la vie" adult programs on Aids prevention and care in 2002.

Moreover ICCO provided the financial support for the three-year training-program of Mr. Vink.

The organisation WACC, (World Association of Christian Communicators) in England contributed in the production of the seven "Çà, c'est la vie" programs on gender issues and financed the acquisition of two camera?s and an editing computer for the training programme.

The organisation Tearfund Belgium, financed the first three youth- programs and granted 20% of the production costs of the feature-film on Aids prevention and care. The preparations for the production of a series of five episodes on a family living with AIDS is in good progress.

Co-operation - Networking

In producing these programs we co-operate with experts of other NGO's and institutions. We support their initiatives of educating and raising awareness through the modern media.

Tele-Vie-Deo also enjoys the confidences of the national churches and Christian organisations. The majority of the major denominations and Christian organisations in Burkina Faso are members of Tele-Vie-Deo.

Tele-Vie-Deo is affiliated with the PACANET (Panafrican Christian AIDS network). This is a network of organisations working in the area of AIDS prevention and in the field of compassion for the infected and for the affected. Its objective is the exchange of their (human) resources and experiences.

Tele-Vie-Deo office in Holland

The support committee in Holland, called "Tele-Vie-Deo" has been recognised as a charity, since 2nd of October 2000 in IJsselstein and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht No: 30167995.

The goal of Tele-Vie-Deo Holland, is to advise and support the ministry of Tele-Vie-Deo in Burkina Faso. It makes publicity for the production of the TV-programs for Tele-Vie-Deo in Burkina Faso. It undertakes activities for building awareness on the challenges of a sustainable development in Africa . This support committee frequently corresponds with the executive body in Burkina Faso.