Henk van Ingen, Executive Secretary, is the administrator of Tele-Vie-Deo. Mr. Van Ingen has 30 years experience working in development and management in West-Africa. Mr. Van Ingen began working as a missionary in Africa in 1979. The first several years of which were spent in Bouaflé, Côte d'Ivoire.

In Bouaflé he started and directed a technical school. In 1992 he assigned local leadership to the school. Since 1992 he has been working full-time in media ministry. He has already produced a great number of television programs and videos.


A team of editors together with experts in the field covered in each program write the scenarios and invite experts to participate in the panel-discussions and the documentaries.

Production: filming and editing

Using professional digital video equipment including DVCAM and Beta-SP, the filming and editing of the discussions, interviews and news items are carried out by our technical production team.

  • Mr. KIEMDE Hazo: Team leader.

Yearly, new talents are recruited and trained in journalistic and audio-visual abilities.