Filming and editing facilities

The filming on location is carried out with the use of a 3 CCD Digital SONY DRS 200 Camcorder and the 3 CCD TRV 900 camcorder. The video is then edited onto DVCAM or Beta-SP, by one of the three digital/non-linear DV-REX editing computers equipped with a digital effects and title-generator.


Since 2007, Tele-Vie-Deo has its own building. It has many editing-rooms and a studio of 12x12 meters. This studio has acoustic isolation, lighting and airconditioning.

Recently, a well was drilled. Now, a garden can be made, which will be used as background in future programs.

Mobile studio

Since early 2001 a mobile TV-studio has been used for the filming of concerts on location as well as an Outside Broadcasting Van besides the studio. The seven-meter long, Mercedes Diesel OB-VAN is equipped with three digital cameras JVC GY DV550, five monitors, a video mixer, an audio mixer, 3 camera control units and an air conditioner in the control room.

A Beta-SP recorder assures a professional recording. In addition a digital DVCAM recorder, the SONY-DRS 20, is available as a second recorder and player in the editing set.

The "Mobile Studio" is essential for the filming of concerts, theatrical plays and documentaries.

It is also used as a control-room next to the recording studio.

A TOYOTA 4x4 landcruiser is available for filming in the villages.


A guesthouse has been built, so people who follow a training which come from foreign countries, have a place to stay.