Tele-Vie-Deo is an organisation which produces television programs for french-speaking Africa. Now, after more than twenty years, Tele-Vie-Deo has already produced more than a hundred programs, which have been broadcasted in several countries on national and private television stations. The programs have a big impact and Tele-Vie-Deo plays an important role in the fight against Aids. Several series have been produced: each with an other target-group.

Tele-Vie-Deo also makes great efforts to train local people in the area of multimedia.

Objectives and general goal of Tele-Vie-Deo

The goals of the media work of Tele-Vie-Deo are:

  1. The production of Christian television programs that will raise awareness, educate, instruct and assure basic education in the areas of:
    • healthcare, agriculture, environment and human rights;
    • conflict management and prevention and other topics that will influence in a positive way social development and living standards.
  2. The broadcast and distribution of these programs and videos by means of:
    • national and private tv stations in African countries;
    • video projections in villages;
    • distribution of DVD and other multimedia.
  3. The training of trainers in journalistic and audio-visual skills by:
    • transmission of knowledge and experience to the team;
    • the organisation of specific multimedia training for producers and technicians of other organisations.

A change of habits and attitudes towards justice and other ethical principles can only be achieved by raising awareness and a changing of mentality.

Our hope is that the Tele-Vie-Deo programs will help break the vicious circle of poverty.

Besides that the programs stimulate a just, social and economic integration of the deprived and they increase the moral resistance of these population groups, especially among women.

Television: a tool in sustainable development

By the production and distribution of educational and awareness videos and TV programs, TELE-VIE-DEO is giving a holistic answer to development related and contemporary issues in French speaking Africa.

These educational and sustainable programs of consciousness raising contribute to a structural improvement of the position of the deprived. This is true for the poor in the countryside as much as for the marginal groups in the cities.

By the stimulation of structural and lasting human development, facilitated by our educational and awareness TV programs, we hope to help avoid the necessity for relief-aid for many countries and regions.